Why is evil necessary if there is to be true freedom

Length: 4 pages long (3 pages of writing and 1 page of a works cited. Please do not include a cover page but put your name and relevant information in the upper lefthand corner of the first page).
Structure: 12 pt font, default margins.
Topic: You may choose 1 topic from the list below.

1. Why is evil necessary if there is to be true freedom? Analyze Kierkegaard’s text for your evidence of your thesis.

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2. Explain one of St. Thomas’ arguments for the existence of God. Give both one of the major objections to the existence of God and the response to that objection. Is the response to the objection sufficient? Why/why not?

3. Is it possible that all of reality is a dream? Argue for your thesis, using evidence from Descartes text.

4. Explain the disproof of cause and effect using Hume’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding.