Why are the Lafayette Players significant and how did they influence theater?, history homework help

The topical focus for this research paper is entrepreneurship and institution building from Anita Bush creating the Lafayette Players. This paper has to have 25 scholarly sources (I have attached 25 scholarly sources but they can be different sources if these sources are not what is needed to write the research paper) and it is a 25 page research paper. This paper should start off by talking about how black theatre was before the Lafayette Players came along and what led up to Anita Bush creating this stock company. The research paper also has to have Chicago style endnotes. The paper should be written in Chicago style. This is just the rough draft so it should have a beginning, middle, and end. Doesn’t have to be the complete 25 pages or 25 sources but should be at least half with beg, mid, and end. This paper should talk about the Lafayette Players and their career throughout their time of performing, where they performed, who they performed with, why they did what they did and what was so important about them. Also talk about Anita Bush and her life and why she is so important. 

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