Warrant Glen, english essay help

Please write an essay on the novel Warrant Glen where you focus on and examine deeply ONE aspect of the novel:

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  • Plot
  • A character or characters
  • Setting(s)
  • Perspective, narrative point of view
  • Style, tone, and language
  • Symbols and allegories
  • Theme(s)

Please note: if you are really, really ambitious (and have read the prequel Hawk), then you might want to take an aspect of the stories and demonstrate how that aspect is developed over the two novels. This, of course, is only an option — you are not required to read two novels for this class.

Anyway, as you examine ONE aspect of the novel, show (explain/argue) how that aspect relates to your overall understanding of the novel. How does that aspect help you gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of the story?

Your essay should be 4-6 pages in length and follow MLA format. In addition to the three-to-five-page essay, you should include a one-page Works Cited page.