Three pages change goals report

The class name is Psychological Foundations of Education For Adult Learners. This change goals report should be no longer than three pages and the requirement is below:

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 It is a statement of your change goals based on your personal reflection about your understanding of human learning and your applications of this understanding to your practice.

 You should identify three ways you would like to change your understanding of human learning. Two examples of these goals to increase your knowledge of specific principles are to understand more completely the relation between behavior and its consequences and to understand how to impact the memory processing strategies learners use. You may wish to survey the text and articles to help you identify principles, theories, and concept that you will specifically target for improved understanding.

 In addition, you should identify three ways in which you can change your practice by applying principles and of human learning. These targets for changes in your practice may be particularly difficult problems or challenges you cannot resolve. Your focus on these three change targets should come from your own evaluative reflection on your practice. As you study, you will be able to search for evidence based practices that fit your application change targets.