This Paper Consists Of Two Parts: A Cultural Profile Of Yourself And Make An Analysis Of An Intercultural Experience (ICE) Which You Personally Experienced. 1.) For Your Cultural Profile, Suggested Topics Are About Your Families And Relatives. Interview

This paper consists of two parts: a cultural profile of yourself and make an analysis of an intercultural experience (ICE) which you personally experienced.

1.) For your cultural profile, suggested topics are about your families and relatives. Interview the eldest member in your family. Where are your family members from? Do you have any members from different religious, ethnic, national cultures? Do you have family members who were born outside the U. S? What are their language backgrounds? State something about yourself: where you grew up, what places you have traveled to, lived in, and worked in; what language(s) you speak/have learned; what hobbies and interests that you have; what are your college-level educational experiences; what intercultural experiences you have had before.

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2.) To analyze one of your intercultural experiences, you need to pick an ICE that could be domestic (involving communication between racial, ethnic, gender, or other distinct identity groups in contemporary United States society) or international (involving communication with persons from other countries). Have you studied and/or traveled overseas? Have you had a roommate whose cultural background differs from yours? Do you work in a job where you encounter people from different cultures? When describing this experience, give enough details so that the reader can understand the experience. After describing the experience, analyze the intercultural experience in terms of (a) factors which facilitated communication, (b) factors which inhibited communication, and (c) concepts or principles which can explain what happened. For example, what motivated you to seek the intercultural experience? Were there any cultural differences between the people involved? Was language a problem? Was there any evidence of ethnocentrism or prejudice? Were there any nonverbal differences which may have caused the problem? Use concepts from readings for analyzing the experience.

The paper should be double-spaced, 10-12 point Times font, no longer than 4-5 pages. Provide an APA Co