The Muslim World, History assignment help

1) What were the main reasons for the split between the Sunni and the Shia?

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a) The Umayyad moved the Muslim capital and modified the Muslim religion away from tradition and towards wealth; those who resisted this were grouped the Shias and the ones who accepted were called the Sunnis.

b) They was a disagreement of the time of day Muslims should practice prayer and those who wanted it to be midnight were called the Sunnis and those who accepted were the Shias.

c) The Sunnis were the Muslims who practiced science and those against the practice of science was the Shias.

d) The Sunnis were made up of all of the Muslim physicians and the Shias were made up of all of the Muslim priests.

Why did trade flourish under the Abbasids?

a) Their lands had an abundance of gold and stones they most other lands did not have.

b) The created the silk that was traded along the Silk Road.

c) They developed a strong bureaucracy to money and a money system with banks and checks in matters of trade.

d) They were the only civilization that had sea travel to reach distant lands to trade goods.

3) How was Muslim society structured?

a) four social classes

b) into a bureaucracy

c) more wealthy than poor

d) everyone was a slave unless apart of the royal family

What were some practical reasons Muslims had for supporting the advancement of science?

a) It was a way they could through which they could connect with their father of Islam Mohamamd.

b) Rulers wanted qualified physicians treating their illnesses, and science was used to calculate prayer and to gain knowledge about the world in general.

c) It helped them create the calendar year.

d) They used science to help them predict when the monsoon floods would occur.