The Infortunate

4 pages essay


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William Moraley saw the British colonies from the perspective of a poor laborer.

What was life like for bound servants and poor free workers in the colonies?

Why did individuals in Moraley’s circumstances face a difficult time gaining a hold on prosperity?




You should base your argument primarily on the text of Moraley’s account itself. By that I mean that you should not base your argument (or the examples you use to buttress your argument) on the Editor’s introduction to The Infortunate. Likewise, although you draw upon the Liberty, Equality, Power textbook or my lectures to help support your argument, you should focus most heavily on moraley’s account of his own journey.



Your paper should be four pages. This is a maximum, not a minimum. Although your TA may choose to read more than 4 pp. If you exceed the maximum length, s/he is only obligated to read the first 4 pp. of your paper.


Citation style:

You should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Points will be deducted if you fail to use the correct citation style.

You can find general guidelines here


Book: The first time you cite a book you want to use Author First Name Author Last Name, Full Book Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year), Page Number.


Article: The first time you cite an article you will use Author First Name Author Last Name, “Article Full Title,” Journal Full Title Volume (Year):Pages Cited.




This essay must includes


You should sum up your argument in a concise thesis statement at the end of your opening paragraph.



Your paper should end with a conclusion that sums up your argument for the reader in a nice package—sort of like the bow on a present. You should not introduce evidence or make new arguments in your concluding paragraph. You should reserve that for the introduction or body of the paper.