The Hugo Chavez Show

The Hugo Chavez Show

1. What “ground-rules of behavior of heads of state” does Chavez violate in his public behavior?

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2. What happened to his proposal to remove Venezuela from the International Monetary Fund?

3. How did the “Bolivarian movement” of Chavez come about?

4. In what year did Chavez’s coup attempt occur and what was the outcome?

5. What is the significance of April 11, 2002?

6. What is a “Boligarch”?

7. Which country buys 60% of Venezuela’s oil? _____________

8. How effective have textile cooperatives been?

9. Describe Chavez’s plans for a “new socialist city” and how he obtained the idea.

10. How does Chavez respond to criticism from his own supporters?

11. How many changes has Chavez made to his cabinet in his first 9 years in office?

12. Who/what seems to have influenced his increasingly hostile attitudes toward the US?

13. How did Chavez deal with RCTV, a Caracas TV station which had opposed his policies?

14. How high is the national crime rate under Chavez?