The Congressional Contact Discussion, political science homework help

The Congressional Contact Discussion 

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There are four parts to this assignment plus and and extra credit opportunity.

1.  Write a letter to your Congressional Representative

2.  eMail your letter to your Congressional Representative

3. Post your congressional letter on the discussion board

4.  Respond to a fellow student about their congressional letter

5.  Extra Credit – if you get an explanatory response from your Congressional Representative (not an acknowledgment of receipt of your letter, a real response), post it on the extra credit discussion board for 25 extra credit points

You will write a letter to your Representative in Congress and deliver it to the Congress member electronically or through traditional mail. (This means you need to know who your representative is and know his/her address or email. I strongly suggest you use email as all posted letters are opened at an offsite location, scanned and emailed to avoid terrorist activities.) See the links below to find your representative.

Brief Description:

This discussion invites you to interact with your Representative in the US Congress and his/her staff. Choose a current national political issue that is important to you and write a letter to your Representative in the House in which you explain your position on the issue and ask for his/her support. Use evidence (references) to support your stand.  Make sure to address the Representative in proper form, with the letter in proper format. Also, fully explain the issue and be specific in what you are asking the Congressional member to do. 

Please copy and paste your letter into the discussion box (no attachments).

  • The letter should express your opinion on a current political topic
  • The letter should elicit support from the member of Congress
  • The letter should include at least one reference to a recent newspaper article that discusses the issue chosen
  • Your letter must be at least 300 words. List all web resources and referenced materials that were used.  You must use the APA citation style format in listing references used and in parenthetical citations. If you submit your letter late, five points per day (for each day the letter is late) will be subtracted from your total number of accumulated points at the end of the semester.

Be sure to respond to at least one other learner in order to earn full credit.
20 points for your excellent post that includes evidence (research) to support your point of view. 10 points for your excellent response to a fellow learner; read other students’ responses and respond with your point of view and with evidence to support your point of view….this should be different information than your first post to this prompt. Your first post will be your viewpoint with evidence; your second post will be your response to another student’s post supported by evidence of your point of view.