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A summary is a restatement of the main ideas of an article or passage of text. Summaries are composed in your own words and demonstrate your ability to understand what you have read, to locate the important ideas in the reading, and to communicate those ideas to someone else.


You need to carefully and critically read the article provided. You then need to compose a no more than 1 page summary that

·  Clearly identifies the article you are summarizing by title and author

·  Clearly states the overall main point of the article in one sentence in your own words

·  Briefly provides the necessary supporting points of the article in your own words

·  Correctly cites the source in APA format with in-text citations and a References section at the end of the paper


Your summary should be in essay format, using complete sentences and paragraphs. Any material taken word for word from the article must be in quotation marks and cited with a parenthetical citation that includes authors’ last names, publication date, and page number.


Callahan, D. (2004) The cheating culture: Why more Americans are doing wrong to get ahead. Orlando: Harcourt.