1.  Everybody has someone that they do not like. (Px: x is a person; Lxy: x likes y)

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2.  Someone is not liked by anyone. (Px: x is a person; Lxy: x likes y)

3.  Something created everything except itself. (Cxy: x created y)

4.  More than one person is running for president. (Px: x is a person; Rx: x is running for president)

5.  There is one and only one President of the United States. (Pxy: x is president of y; u: the United States)

6.  Oswald was the sole assassin of Kennedy. (o: Oswald; k: Kennedy; Axy: x assassinated y)

7.  Everybody loves somebody sometime. (Px: x is a person; Tx: x is a time; Lxyz: x loves y at time z)

8.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is taller than everyone who is shorter than Wilt Chamberlain. (k: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; c: Wilt Chamberlain; Txy: x is taller than y)