Strategic management paper

Write a paper about Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) company. You need write about 1500 words. The paper should focus on the general environment analysis, and includes all the six segments. The general environment analysis also needs consider the whole industry. 

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General environment analysis (the demographic segment; economic segment, political segment; socio-cultural segment; technological segment and the global segment). Each portion of the analysis should be titled. The headlines will be in bold, centered and underlined. 

Added information:

Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) is the maker of the BlackBerry wireless device and the email services that accompany it. The Canadian-based company, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, designs, manufactures, and markets wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile and telecommunications market. Its portfolio includes the BlackBerry wireless devices, software development tools, and various other software and hardware development offerings. Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, two engineering students with a penchant for data transmission and wireless solutions, co-founded the firm. Since expanding from pagers into the wireless telecommunications market, RIM has been popular with government and corporate buyers for its data encryption capabilities. In spite of this popularity, RIM has essentially failed in its efforts to strongly penetrate the mainstream consumer market. Moreover, over time, the lucrative public and private sector contracts that had been the bread and butter of RIM for so long became targets of major competitors, most notably Apple. From RIM’s humble beginnings, to its role as a dominant player in handheld devices, it was unimaginable to analysts and stakeholders alike that what was once a multimillion-dollar corporation with multinational ties could succumb so quickly and thoroughly to the pressures of an increasingly complex marketplace. The rates at which business cycles have increased within the telecommunications industry have led RIM to multiple acquisitions of developers and manufacturers, all of which were intended to diversify RIM’s offerings and enhance its users’ experience. Yet the trappings of competitiveness on a global scale have led to missed opportunities and nearly insurmountable errors. From patent disputes and threatened international distribution restrictions on usage to severe service outages, the competitive marketplace has taken a crippling toll on RIM. The company that laid claim to launching the world’s most recognizable electronic wireless device – the “Crackberry,” as it was affectionately known – faces mounting pressure from competitors such as iPhone and Google Android smartphones. How can RIM, a company with an ailing product line but high global brand recognition, quickly make up for lost time and lost market share? Can it once again become a dominant player in the telecommunications industry, or will it become a story of a firm’s failed strategic actions that were taken in a highly competitive market?