Sociological Theorists, sociology homework help

Anyone interested in typing a ten page final paper for me? The two theorists the paper is based on is Karl Marx and Weber.

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Final Paper: 40%

You should write a final paper that is 10 pages long. The paper should focus on the ideas of one, but no more than two individual theorists. You should describe her or his ideas and a case with which you will illustrate their ideas. You may include material that is appropriately cited from the readings, but you should go beyond the ideas presented there or those accessible in online encyclopedias. Papers will be graded based on the clarity of writing, your ability to accurately convey the theorist’s ideas, your effective use of outside source material, the creativity of your prose and your ideas. The final paper should be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12pt font. You must include a minimum of five (5) citations total. At least three (3) of these citations must come from peer-reviewed sources. There is no limit as to how many citations you may include in your final paper. I will be available to you throughout the semester during office hours or by appointment to discuss the topic and format of your paper. It is always a good idea to bounce your ideas off of me during the quarter so that we are on the same page about what to expect. 

THIS IS A Sociology class