Soc 4150 What are the characteristics of the voting system in the U.S., sociology homework help

Soc 4150

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(1) What are the characteristics of the voting system in the U.S.? What are its problems?

(2) According to group pluralism, how is it possible that there is no domination in society?

(4) According to business dominance theory, how does the capitalist class dominate the state?

(5) Compare and contrast Marxist instrumentalism and capitalist state structuralism.

(6) What are the different types of revolution, and how is revolution different from social movement?

(7) Why do social movements occur? Give three causes and give examples in your answer.

(8) How can the Russian Revolution be explained using the five factors? 

(9) What are Lenin’s contributions to the making of revolution?

(10) Does the current Presidential election support group pluralism? If it does, explain how. If not, explain why not, then explain which theory it does support?