SO 300 – Research Methods Discussion


For this discussion, you get to engage in data gathering to get a sense of the methods of this unit.

·  Present the following:

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o  A brief statement of your method, research questions, and your sources of data (be as specific as possible)

o  A brief statement of the strengths and weaknesses of your inquiry.

o  A summary PowerPoint to support your qualitative proposal.

Using Comparative Analysis

To utilize this method, you will need to pick a country with a population of 5 to 50 million and about which you know very little.

1.  First, develop some background knowledge by finding out about the country’s:

o  history,

o  conflicts,

o  internal social divisions,

o  economy,

o  family traditions,

o  culture,

o  form of government,

o  religious beliefs,

o  holidays

2.  Second, after you have a basic understanding of the country, pick one feature about it (e.g., marriage practices, school system) and make a comparison with your home culture. Develop a list of at least 10 similarities and/or differences. Draw on at least three different sources to develop your comparison list.

1.  Consider using:

CIA Factbook (Links to an external site.)

National Historical Geographical Information Systems (Links to an external site.)

Nation Master

Note: You are not expected to formulate, collect data, analyze it, and write it up for this week!