SFIA in ICT profession

Question 1

Explain in your own words why a framework like SFIA is important to the ICT profession?

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Write no more than a page on this.

Question 2

You have a resume already, how do you think you would change it now that you understand the SFIA Framework? Would you use the SFIA Framework to highlight your current achievements and make them seem like a path to somewhere or would you have it simply be a record of your achievements and skills?

Identify the parts of your resume that would be changed. Discuss this with your classmates and collectively come up with a summary of the parts to be changed.

Write no more than a page on this.

Question 3

You have been asked to assess your generic skills using the SFIA Framework.  At what level would you assess your current 4 generic skills?  Explain why you think that your skills are currently at this level. 

Write no more than a page on this.