Select one topic from the list below and post a grammatically correct short response

Select one topic from the list below and post a grammatically correct short response (minimum of 250 words) in your own words that fully addresses the question(s) asked.

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  1. Summarize the conditions and circumstances described by Equiano in hisTravels (Reading 25.1). What is the message of Phillis Wheatley’s poem, “On Being Brought from Africa to America” (Reading 25.2)? How does the tone of Wheatley’s poem differ from that of Equiano’s narrative?
  2. Rousseau suggests that “all humans should be forced to be free.” Describe the social context of his statement. What did he mean? Do you agree? Why or why not?
  3. Examine the interface between liberty (as Enlightenment writers perceived it) and women’s rights. Did Enlightenment thinkers perceive women as possessing natural rights?
  4. In criticizing his own society, Voltaire isolated three “great evils”: boredom, vice, and poverty. Do you think he was on target for the eighteenth century? What evils do you think he would single out in today’s society?
  5. What aspects of eighteenth-century life does Hogarth attack in his art? How does visual satire differ from verbal satire? Can you cite any examples of satire in popular contemporary life?