Response paper for English subject

Two assigned readings  (here  and here )

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Write a 2-3 page essay comparing or contrasting these two descriptions.  Your analysis should focus on audience, purpose, and organizing principle.  Your response should focus on what you learned about descriptive writing from these writers’ approaches to the assignment.

Your paper should have a thesis that focuses on similarities OR differences between the two descriptions, whichever is more interesting to you.  Organize your paper in a point by point comparison or contrast, using separate paragraphs for each point.  Illustrate your points with examples from the texts.

Writing exercise for Response Paper 3 has been added to help you (here ) 

also here are some comment and the response of the exercise above from the instructor (here )


Before you write your paper, you should be able to answer the following questions about both descriptions, using examples from the texts to illustrate your answers.


  1. What has the writer chosen to describe? 
  2. When has the writer chosen to describe it?
  3. Who is the primary intended audience?  (outsiders or insiders) 
  4. What is the primary organizing principle (chronological, spatial, topical)?
  5. What is the dominant impression of this description, especially toward the end?


  1. Why did you choose to write on these two descriptions? Which did you prefer and why?

  2. How is your perspective similar to and/or different from the writers’ perspectives? 

  3. Do you consider yourself part of the intended audience for either or both of the descriptions? Explain.

  4. What do you admire most about the writing in these descriptions?

  5. How do these two descriptions help you understand and prepare to meet

    the requirements of Essay 2?