Research essay of ‘what is branding etc’ plz Check the requirements of this

Q> what is branding and how are different branding strategies applied to the business? 

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(Number 2 Question)

Introduction (90-120 words): Background information

Definition of topic: Branding (indirect or direct voice) etc.. 

Check these pics uc2a4uce94_20150822.jpg 

uc2a4uce94_20150822 (2).jpg 

Body (3 or 4 paragraphs)

should refer to ‘benefits of branding for consumers and business’

Branding strategies to classifying manufacturer’s brand/ national brand/ house or private brand/ generic brand and the differences

design of packaging colours or shape with example and labelling

—————————————-these are given reference lists to use——————————

A bibliometric analysis of the global branding literature and a research agenda.pdf 

Assessment 3 Semester 2 2015.pdf 

Perspectives on Technology Change and the Marketing of Real Estate.pdf