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As an English learner, I have experienced a lot of difficulties during my English study. Currently, the academic writing is the most challenge for me. Fortunately, through the study in ESL 273 this quarter, I have had a magnificent improvement in paraphrasing. Nevertheless, I still need pay more attention in constructing better sentences. Generally, I believe those improvements will empower my writing in the advanced English classes, and this weakness will become my next major question.

The biggest improvement I have had in ESL 273 is paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is about restating a source’s key information clearly by using my own words. It is more specific than a summary and better than quotations of an undistinguished passage. However, paraphrasing is a very important skill to quote outside resource to support my topic and idea. The biggest challenge for me is how to restate the key information clearly without any plagiarism. Therefore, in order to write a clear and original paraphrasing, I have to fully understand the meaning of the original source. Also, I need to use synonyms and other words to interpret the original meaning. For example, in my essay, “Advantage of The Multitasking,” I paraphrase the words from David Siverman as “multitasking is essential in the survival of today’s competitive workplace. As much as multitasking has an advantage of making one give quality results, it has a downside of making one to slow.” Compared to the original sentence from David Siverman, I emphasize that multitasking is crucial to survival in today’s workplace, because multitasking has an advantage of making one give quality results. Therefore, with the help of this paraphrasing sentence, I have a strong introductory paragraph. 

Additionally, I use paraphrasing to make my thesis statement becomes more specific and detailed. For instance, in my essay, “Failure Is Not Necessarily a Disappointment,” “we don’t fear for failure! Failure is not deadly, Tens of millions of people who have had to meet it. As a result, they have had come out stronger,” which I paraphrased from William Zinsser, strongly supports my topic and idea. Generally, paraphrasing improves the clearness and credibility of my topic and examples. Moreover, it help me simplify the complex meaning from original resources. Right now, I can use paraphrasing sentences to support my thesis and topic. With this skill, I believe I am able to write an advanced academic essay. It makes me more confidence to move on.

However, I still need to pay more effort to improve my English academic writing, especially in constructing a better sentences. Since English is my second language, I still make a lot of mistakes in grammar and punctuation. Those are obstacle for me to construct a better sentence. Furthermore, writing sentence concessively and precisely is another vital class I have to learn. In order to overcome these problems, I have planed to do more grammar and punctuation excises in the future. Currently, I have started to do more reading. I believe that reading will inspire me on how to write a better sentences and paragraphs. Although, I still have a lot of aspect I can do better for writing, those mistakes would not stop me to move on to next level of writing. With these mistakes, I have had a direction to do the changes. Right now, I have a new target to achieve.

Generally, through the study in ESL 273, I have learned some vital skills, such as paraphrasing. Also, I have found that my weaknesses in writing, for example, constructing a better sentence. The improvement will empower my writing in the future. And the weakness will advice me how to do better. All in all, I believe that I am qualified for next stage of writing study, because I have learned new skills to support my writing, and I have had a new target for my next stage of study.