Reflection Paper: Social-Political Philosophy, writing homework help

Reflection papers allow you to reinforce what you have learned through coursework, lectures and personal experience. They are great for synthesizing theoretical knowledge with applied experience and help you organize thoughts methodically to gain more from your practical experiences. Although reflection papers focus on personal feelings and experiences, they often require multiple sources and frequent use of concrete examples.

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Instructions: Write a reflection paper that critically examines a philosophical issue taken from the context of your life. You may choose the topic for your reflection and relate it to any of our sections from class: Introduction to Philosophy, Epistemology, Social-Political Philosophy. Your paper must reference material from at least 2 authors Billie Holiday and Nina Simone material, and 2 authors such as Descartes & Hume, Locke, Russel and James, Rorty and Dennett reads in Pojman. You may use Powerpoints, class notes, and class discussions for review. You must also submit an electronic version of your paper in addition to bringing a printed copy to class on November 15. Do both to earn full points for the assignment.

Due Date: November 15

Paper Details: 4-5 pages length, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1’’ margins, meeting the proper scholarly criteria for MLA format