Read the attached case study, “How safe is Safe? Post a solution to the ethical dilemma posed in the case study. Business and finance homework help

Read the attached case study, “How safe is Safe?  Post a solution to the ethical dilemma posed in the case study. Justify your proposed solution, and explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your solution. Incorporate the justifications you provided in response to the case study. Examine the ethical frameworks outlined in the Learning Resources or in other scholarly literature select the framework that aligns with your reasoning. Explain how your reasoning aligns with those frameworks.

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Use academic justification and two scholarly resources.  You may also use the articles that follow as sources.  Please use proper APA format.

Articles that can be used

Lawton, A., & Páez, I. (2015). Developing a framework for ethical leadership.Journal Of Business Ethics, 130(3), 639-649. doi:10.1007/s10551-014-2244-2

Hoover, K., & Pepper, M. (2015). How did They Say That? Ethics Statements and Normative Frameworks at Best Companies to Work For.Journal Of Business Ethics, 131(3), 605-617. doi:10.1007/s10551-014-2255-z

Gustafson, A. (2013). In Defense of a Utilitarian Business Ethic.Business & Society Review (00453609), 118(3), 325-360. doi:10.1111/basr.12013