Racism in the Workplace

I am looking for some serious help with this assignment.  I have started it but needs a lot of help to ensure everything that is required of me.  Please see instruction and attachment assignment started below:

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Johnson_Unit 2 Assignment RacismInTheWorkplace.docx

1. Introduction: Write a paragraph that explains what your topic will be, why you have chosen it, and why it is important and relevant to the sociological study of diversity.

2. Data Collection: Discuss in detail (in 2–3 paragraphs) how you plan to collect data on your topic. Describe the observation tool or the questionnaire you will use to collect your data. A more detailed explanation of this component can be found below, or in the Measuring Diversity in a Social Environment course project description, located in the Resources section.

3. Resources: Locate three sources you plan to use for your project. Briefly describe each source and why it will be helpful for your understanding your topic. You may use up to two chapters from the course texts or two of our assigned articles. At least one source should be a scholarly article or book from the Capella library. Do not use Wikipedia, Buzzle, About, or other encyclopedia-style Web sites, as these are often incorrect and are not considered academically valid.

4. Theories: Identify at least three sociological concepts or theories that you plan to use to interpret and analyze your findings. Include a sentence or two describing how you will apply these concepts or theories. These concepts or theories should come from the assigned course readings.

Technical stuff:

• APA format
• Title Page
• Citations in the body of the paper to correspond with the sources on your reference page.
• Separate reference page, listing the full information in APA format.


• Provide a summary of the project focus and present its importance and relevance to the sociological study of diversity.
• Choose a current research method that is appropriate and sociological in nature.
• Select an appropriate measurement tool: an observation checklist, content analysis, or questionnaire (see Resources).
• Summarize three academic sources.
• Make a reference to applicable sociological theories and concepts from the course.
• Cite sources in correct APA format.
• Ensure the proposal length is 2–3 pages.