Psychology Scientific Research, 500 words APA format

 it is a journal article it HAS TO BE AN EXPERIMENT that has been conducted in the last 5 years so from 2009-2014

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Full Essay Title (Not Bolded)

Begin typing your essay introduction here. The introduction should begin with a topic sentence to introduce your essay subject. Introduce the article title and authors with full in-text citation and a short description of the study. End the introduction with a thesis statement.

Follow the Assignment Grading Rubric and answer all the questions listed. Use sub-headings to organize your essay. For example, you may use headings that group together the information requested in the questions. See examples below.

Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis

(Note: Sub-headings are Bolded)

  Here you would begin to answer the questions in essay format.  Group your responses together to form cohesive paragraphs.

Sample Population

  Describe the sample population (participants) and the method used to select the sample population.

Research Variables

  Describe the independent variables and the dependent variables.  Discuss any extraneous variables identified in the article.

Research Groups

  Answer the questions pertaining to the research groups (experimental and control group).


  Discuss the results of the research. What were the significant findings?

Research Knowledge Gained

  Conclude your essay with a summary paragraph and discuss any knowledge gained from the study. Who could use the information learned from the study?


Writing Assignment #1

Psychology Scientific Research

Journal Article Essay

Grading Rubric


·Follow APA formatting and writing guidelines

·Minimum 500 words

·Include a cover page listing the essay title, your name, course number, section number, the date and Eastern Florida State College

·Paper must be typed, double spaced with 1 inch margins. No extra spacing between paragraphs. Use 12 pt. New Times Roman font.

·Include page numbers, top right margin.

·Running head: Include an essay title in the top left margin of each page. First page will include the words Running head: followed by the short essay title. Beginning on page 2 use only the short essay title

·Present a professional appearance, include section headings for organization.



·Cover Page (see above requirements)

·Include an Essay Title at the beginning of the essay

·Introduction should begin with a topic sentence

·Thesis Statement included in the introduction

·Multiple body paragraphs (include all parts of the assignment)

·Include Section Heading (sub-topic headings)

·Concluding paragraph

·Reference page is required


Essay Content 

Write a summary essay analyzing a research journal article.

Select a topic from one of the Chapters in the textbook,

Scientific American Psychology.

·Research the topic using journal data bases or library resources to locate current (last 5 years) peer reviewed journal articles related to your topic. Must use a peer reviewed journal not a webpage article or magazine. Suggested data bases: Psy Articles or Academic Search Complete – EFSC L:ibrary

· Select an article that discusses an experimental method of research. Save a copy of the journal article and attach a copy of only the 1st page to your essay.

·Introduction: Introduce your topic and the research article selected, include a thesis statement.

·Body: Discuss the following:

1.Is there a clear statement of the problem being researched?

2.What is the hypothesis? (There may be more than one.)

3.Was the population clearly identified? Describe the sample population.

4.What method was used to select the sample population, was it adequate?

5.What was the independent variable?

6.What was the dependent variable?

7.Was there a control group?

8.How were subjects selected for the experimental group and control group?

9.Was the method of observation adequate to test the hypothesis?

10.Was there any evidence of bias in the procedure?

11.What were the results of the study, what were the significant findings?

·Conclusion:Conclude the essay with a summary paragraph. Do you think the research adds new knowledge or insight to the topic, why or why not?


Quality of Writing

Grammar, Spelling and Mechanics

·Does your paper reflect proper Standard English writing?

·Does your paper demonstrate correct writing mechanics, appropriate sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, spelling and word choice?

·Is the paper well organized and easy to read?

·Does the paper include focused and developed paragraphs?



·Reference is listed on the Reference Page according to APA style guidelines.

·Reference includes the DOI number or the Journal webpage URL.


Total Points


Additional Instruction:

 Attach this grading rubric as the last page of the essay.

Instructor Grading Comments: