Prepare a presentation that will include the steps you went through to thoroughly analyze the financial statements, business and finance homework help

Shaping Financial Values and Ethics Unit

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Due:  Monday, February 1 by  noon

APA format writing

1000 – 1500 words speaker notes

Citations and references 4 or more apa format

Assignment listed below:

Part I

Both of your presentations were outstanding and displayed your level of financial knowledge and expertise in the area of financial statement analysis. You have been asked to be a guest lecturer in a course at your alma mater college, CTU. As a result, you will have an opportunity to explain to students how they should tackle financial statement analysis. Prepare a presentation that will include the steps you went through to thoroughly analyze the financial statements so that you could make the recommendation—keeping in mind that you want to simplify the process as much as possible. You do not need to include how to do the financial calculations, but rather how you determined the recommendation based on the information you were given. Provide a list of potential “consultants” and resources they could reference to help them get through the assignments you have just completed.

Part II

Leaders and financial teams in organizations have an obligation to provide financial reports to meet the requirements and guidelines provided by a number of regulating bodies. In addition, they must uphold a high level of professional ethical standards when preparing reports that reflect the health of the organization to its stakeholders.

Include in your PowerPoint Presentation:

  • At least 2 ethical issues that managers and financial teams face when preparing financial reports.
  • What regulations should be considered when making a decision about each issue?
  • Provide an ethical solution for each issue that you introduced.

Submit 15-17 PowerPoint slides with 1,000–1,500 words of speaker’s notes.