Hello i need a good comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more 300 words.


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The Family Structural Theory talks about the types of relationships that are created and the bonds that are between family members (Net Industries, 2016). These types of bonds are created by communication, power, affection and the daily work and leisure that the family performs (Net Industries, 2016). In the Family Systems Theory, patterns of living with the people who make up the family system are explained. These include behaviors and the family responses and meanings and values that provide vital elements of motivation and energy for the family (Edelman, Kudzma & Mandle, 2014).


When there is a change in a part of the family, such as someone getting married for the second time, the family is affected. This change requires adaptation by every family member because roles and functions have a new meaning. Issues that may arise inside of the family that may occur from the family changing such as family processes, communication and family group values among all members, can clarify issues (Edelman, Kudzma & Mandle, 2014).


As a new member of the family is introduced, this theory is something to remember and to look at. Each family member has something different that they bring to the family, especially when there is an outsider coming in. Good communication is needed and new meanings and values will be brought to the table. New bonds are also formed within the family, which in turn can strengthen it. It is good to know that just because a new member is coming in, like in a second marriage, that a new family is formed and work together to build that family relationship. This in turn will allow the family to be one big family instead of the family that was there before and then some new person coming into the mix.




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