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Choose one of two positions: 1.  You are judge on the International Court of Justice.  A member nation has chosen to bring crimes against humanity charges against a world superpower for actions performed in war against the country.  2. You are a general in the military, one of the named defendants in a “crimes against humanity” lawsuit against your country by another nation.

The situation:  In order to bring an multi-year armed conflict to a close, a nation possessing nuclear weapons has detonated one over a civilian population center containing a military base.  The defeated nation has negotiated a truce with the nuclear power, but has chosen to bring the country and its military general to the ICJ on the methods used for crimes against humanity.

No other facts are available to you.  What factors will play into your point of view, and your arguments?  How would you apply “just war” criteria in this case?  What are the limitations?

Pick any position, MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS, 2-3 Paragraphs, excellent A quality work, NO PLAGURIZING!