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Read the introduction to a student’s essay.

Students should speak up when they see someone cheating in class. Doing so lets cheaters know that people are watching and consequences will follow.

What claim is this writer making in the essay’s introduction?

What is the origin and meaning of the suffix “-ous”?

Read the passage from “Times Have Changed.”

When I was a boy, you didn’t have to worry.
You could play and not hurry 
home when the street lights went out.

Which sentence best shows the central idea of the passage?

Read the passage from “Times Have Changed.”

Times always change, Granddad, 
but don’t be sad. We always find a way
to live together.

Which word best describes the tone of the passage?

Read the passage from “Times Have Changed.”

And we’re independent these days,
not disrespectful. We like to think 
on our own instead of going off 
what we’ve been shown.

The author uses the word “independent” in the passage to show that the grandson

What is the most likely purpose of the interview in “Talking to the Coach“?

Read the excerpt from “Talking to the Coach.”

Did you like being a coach right away?
Let me see. It’s so long ago. I think from the start I liked working with the kids. I liked what they brought to the game.

What do they bring?
Well, it depends on the kid. Our league is one that encourages kids to play even when they aren’t very good, so you have a wide variety of talent levels and a wide variety of kids–diversity. They have a lot of reasons to be playing baseball.

According to the excerpt, what is one of the main goals of Coach Thompson and the WPPA?

Read the excerpt from “Talking to the Coach.”

The goal of the WPPA is “to teach baseball fundamentals and good sportsmanship to kids in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.” The Welles Park program is one of the largest youth baseball programs in the city of Chicago. In this program, every kid on the team plays in every game, and each player is guaranteed at least three defensive innings per game. Each player also bats throughout the game, regardless of whether he or she is playing defensively at the time.

Which sentence best shows the central idea of this paragraph?

Read the following question from the interview in “Talking to the Coach.”

Why did you start coaching youth baseball?

Because my kids started playing baseball. Cooper started playing, and then Healy, then Spenser. After the kids had been in the league for about three years, I was pressed into service as a coach because they didn’t have enough coaches.

What did the interviewer learn as a result of the question? 

Read the excerpt from “Talking to the Coach.”

What do you think kids learn from playing youth baseball?

I’m not a person who believes that it’s a microcosm of life, but you learn to get through difficult situations. And once you get to learn how to play baseball, it offers you a lot of chances to succeed, have fun, play as a team. I think most kids enjoy playing baseball. At the end of the season they’re happy they did it. That’s why I still coach.

What statement would Coach Thompson most likely agree with?

Read the excerpt from “The Players.”

But when you really love something, 
you follow it wherever it leads you,
even through jagged landscapes. 
You follow it even if it isn’t 
the most popular thing to do.

Why did the author most likely use the phrase “jagged landscapes”?

Read “The Players.” What was most likely the author’s purpose?

Read the excerpt from “The Players.”

Whenever I spot them around school
with their horns, I think about
how silly it looks, and I think
they need someone to blow down
their too cool fronts, to show
them they aren’t that different
from the rest of us who run, 
throw, and jump in the hot 

Which word best describes the tone of the excerpt?