Personal Approach to Grading

Every teacher has his/her own method of grading, at least within some aspects of it, and this variance is often tied into a personal philosophy on grading. In other words, teachers give grades based on what they personally think the purpose of grading is, on what they find important to grade on, on what they want the grade to reflect from the student, etc.

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For this assignment, you are to come up with your own general philosophy on grading. The response should be a minimum of 500 words and should use APA formatting (title page, double spacing, running head, page numbers, and reference page/in-text citations if outside sources were used).

Within the philosophy, the following components should be addressed:

What do you think that the purpose of grading in general should be?

What do you hope to achieve by providing these grades to students, yourself, parents, etc.?

What do you feel are the most important criteria to use for grading? Why do you feel this way?

Do you think that student effort should be a variable in grading? Why or why not?

Within your grading approach, would you use absolute grading, relative grading, or aptitude-based grading? Why did you choose this approach?