Peer Response

The scene that impacted me the most was the ending scene when the narrator said “we helped build this country, and we were welcome.” (IHM, 2014). This quote and scene impacted me most because when my grandparents with their children moved here for a better life that is exactly what they and their children did. Together they worked and built a new life here in America and contributed to the growth of this country. Eventually my parents met, got married and worked hard to give more opportunities for my brothers and I. The ending scene showed the Statue of Liberty and then fireworks, usually associated with Independence Day; both of those things represent the freedom that my grandparents and parents came to this country for.

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The video from topic 1 connects to this video because it talks about the immigrants as well but the video from topic 1 is a viewpoint from the statistic side of things.

Being a child of an immigrant, I’m not sure if I have any perspective on immigration stereotypes. The presentation was just a reminder of the sacrifices that my grandparents and parents made to create a better life for us and our future generations.


When responding to your peer’s post consider in what ways you both connected to the video.  This will give you a common ground to begin your response.  Next, consider the following and discuss in a significant detail.

1. What did your peer see in the ad that you did not see?

2. What did you learn from the student’s post?

3. Do you have any questions for the student?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.