Pamphlet or Brochure on Pro-life Vs Pro-Choice on Abortion, assignment help

Pamphlet or Brochure

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Create a pamphlet or a brochure in which you try to “sell” your idea or opinion on the topic “Pro-life Vs Pro-Choice on Abortion” to someone else. Use persuasive voice and tone, but be brief. Use bullets, visuals, etc., in order to make it visually attractive. A good way to create this is to use Microsoft® Publisher or another program that will support the layout and format.

This project should be a minimum of two pages (just as you would see a front and back of a brochure) and a maximum of 4 pages (a brochure with an insert). You should include an additional page with a description of your purpose as described under the assignment section below.

For help on coming up with some creative ideas for this project, and for learning more “tips,” see the following Web sites:

  1. Brochure Design Tips
  2. Making Effective Use of Brochures PDF
  3. Check out “Page Design” for more help with understanding the elements of page layout.

A sample (Note: this shows only one side of a brochure): LITE (Literacy is the edge)