On the promise and pitfalls of global citizenship, assignment help

On the promise and pitfalls of global citizenship

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On Friday 1/29 we spoke in class about citizenship as a complex concept that may be thought of in a variety of different ways: as a bundle of rights and obligations; as a formal membership status in a political community; as active participation in political and public life; or as an identity.

In this short paper (minimum 3 double-spaced pages), I’d like for you to develop an argument for or against “global citizenship.”

Consider the following:
Do you think that being a “citizen of the world” will ever become a reality, something more than nice political slogan and a normative aspiration?

  • If not, why not? Are you opposed to it on normative grounds, or do you just believe that there are too many barriers to its achievement?
  • If You do think that global citizenship will become a reality, what will it look like? How could the barriers to its realization be overcome?

You will want to engage directly with our in-class discussion about citizenship and with the readings assigned for class about political globalization, cosmopolitanism, and global citizenship.

Please properly cite the sources you draw on using the American Sociological Association (ASA) citation format. The ASA Style Guide can be found here (Links to an external site.).


Reflection paper rubric

Reflection paper rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

Accuracy and clarity of discussion about the topic

Illustrates a strong understanding of the assignment topic(s). Offers some creative discussion and presents student’s unique perspective on the issues.25 pts

Shows solid understanding of the topic(s), but may need some expansion or clarification of some key points.20 pts

Shows some understanding of the assignment topic(s). May contain numerous inaccuracies and/or misunderstandings of key points.15 pts

25 pts

Engagement with readings and other course materials

Engages with all course materials relevant for this assignment.10 pts

Engages with many of the course materials relevant for this assignment.7 pts

Engages with at least on of the course materials relevant for this assignment.3 pts

No Marks0 pts

10 pts

Citation practices

Correctly cites source materials using the ASA citation format.5 pts

Citations provided, but may not be accurate or consistent with ASA citation format.3 pts

No citations provided.0 pts

5 pts

Overall writing mechanics, style, and editing

Written in a clean and engaging style. The paper continues few, if any, writing errors.10 pts

May contain some minor writing errors, but these do not impede communication. May need any additional round of proofreading and editing.7 pts

Writing errors make it difficult to decipher meaning. Needs thorough editing and proofreading.5 pts

10 pts

Total Points: 50