New And Precise Week 5 Discussion

New And Precise Week 5 Discussion

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9 of the Contemporary Envrionmental Issues text.  Also, view these two short videos on reducing waste:  Disposability Consciousness and Two Adult, Two Kids, Zero Waste/ Bea Johnson/ TEDxFoggyBottom.

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In this week’s discussion, you will recalculate your ecological footprints from Week 1 and determine whether or not your actions taken over the past five weeks have made a difference in the size of your footprints.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss additional actions one might take to live more sustainably.  In particular, you encouraged to focus on techniques for reducing the amount of waste that we generate in our everyday lives.

Complete the follwong:

First, redo your three footprint calculations from Week 1:  your ecolgical (What is your Ecological Footprint) your household carbon emissions footprint (Carbon Footprint Calculator), and your daily water footprint (Water Footprint Calculator).

Compare your new answers from the ones you obtained back in Week 1.  How did the footprints change, if at all?  Do you suspect that nay changes are the result of actions you took?  Why or why not?

In a well-crafted discussion post of at least 200 words, report on the results of all five weeks of the Ecological Footprint Reduction Project.  Did you meet with success?  If so, what activity or activities do you think made the biggest difference?  What additional actions would you consider taking to reduce your footprints in the future, particularly in terms of lessening the amount of materials you consume and wastes you produce?  What did you learn from this experience?  Do you think that individual efforts to live more sustainably matter?  Why or why not?