New And Precise Topic: The Hydrosphere: Fresh Water

New And Precise Topic: The Hydrosphere: Fresh Water

Open Course Library ENVS&100 Learning Activities

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READINGS FOR Module IV: The Hydrosphere: Fresh Water

The Habitable Planet Textbook

• Unit 8: Water Resources Earth’s water resources, including rivers, lakes, oceans, and underground aquifers, are under stress in many regions. Humans need water for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, and industry; and contaminated water can spread illnesses and disease vectors, so clean water is both an environmental and a public health issue. In this unit, learn how water is distributed around the globe; how it cycles among the oceans, atmosphere, and land; and how human activities are affecting our finite supply of usable water. 
 1. Introduction 2. The Global Water Cycle 3. Distribution of Freshwater Resources 4. Groundwater Hydrology: How Water Flows 5. World Demand for Water 6. Depletion of Freshwater Resources

7. Water Salinization 8. Water Pollution 9. Water-Related Diseases 10. Major Laws and Treaties 11. Further Reading

The Water Footprint

• Read these 2 short articles. Take notes. Define unfamiliar terms. (The main site has lots of interesting facts and figures!) o o

The Story of Bottled Water

• View this short film. Take notes. Pause when needed. Two related resources are: o Bottled Water FAQs: o Footnoted, Annotated Script:

Poisoned Waters

• View the entire film. Take notes. Pause when needed. Consider viewing with captioning/subtitles on.

➢ Why are America’s waterways in peril? ➢ What warning signals does nature give us? ➢ What is the biggest polluter of water? ➢ How can communities fight industrial pollution? ➢ How can we save habitat for endangered species?

➢ Why is stormwater runoff a major new threat? ➢ What’s in your drinking water? ➢ How does land use affect water quality? ➢ What are the costs of sprawl? ➢ Is there a smarter way to grow?

• NOTE: You will be journalling in detail about the Poisoned Waters film this week (Journal #4), so you need only address this film briefly in Q&A #4 (for example, something in it may be your “most interesting/relevant”).


• Environmental Science: A Self-Teaching Guide, by Barbara W. Murck – Ch.3: The Hydrosphere and the Atmosphere; Ch.12: Water Resources; Ch.13: Water Pollution and Soil Pollution

• Earth Science CK12 Flexbook ( – Ch.13: Earth’s Fresh Water; Ch.21: Human Actions and Earth’s Waters

• Environmental Science in the 21st Century – The Hydrological Cycle; Water Issues: Groundwater (

• Life Science CK12 Flexbook ( – Ch.25: Environmental Problems

• ESA Issues in Ecology: Water in a Changing World – • Free Course: Water Use & the Water Cycle – • Sustainable Solutions for Water Resources – • Clearing the Waters: A Focus on Water Quality Solutions –


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Open Course Library ENVS&100 Learning Activities

Additional Readings (related to specific module-level objectives) – REFRESH/RELOAD if a page doesn’t load properly

Introduction and overview • You may find it useful to refer to a geology textbook’s water chapters (I have a few on reserve at the library.) • Good introduction to water – • Nice diagram – • U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) – • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – • What you can do to help – • Safe Water (now called “Ground Water & Drinking Water”) – • Kids’ Stuff – • Global Water Resources & International Disputes – • Climate, agriculture, and food security –

Washington/Pacific Northwest: • • • • • Climate change –

o Climate Change: Effects in Washington – o Facing the Challenge of Climate Change – o Economic Impacts of Climate Change –

Rivers and watersheds and groundwater • Real-time data – • Surf Your Watershed – • Surf Your Watershed Activity – • Groundwater infiltration –

Flooding • (the examples are from our area) • (podcast) • (published in 2000)

Water pollution and source protection • Protecting Your Drinking Water – • NIEHS water pollution info/activities –

Water conservation • Water: Use It Wisely – • National Geographic Fresh Water – • A Water Footprint Calculator – • (and “view interactive”) •

o Interactive graphic: o Poster:

Several towns’ water information (You may need to phone your utility providers) • Kirkland: • Bellevue: • Redmond: • Bothell: • Renton:

Several towns’ Annual Water Quality Reports (You may need to phone your water provider) • Kirkland: • Bellevue: • Redmond: • Bothell: • Renton:

Bottled water and tap water • Water on Tap: What You Need to Know – • Drinking Water and Health: What You Need to Know – • The Story of Bottled Water – • WI’s annual bottled water report – • Video – • OER Commons PDF –

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