New And Precise Short Answer

New And Precise Short Answer

1. Draw a diagram of the structure of the atmosphere including the pause.

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2. Explain the composition and characteristics of the two most inner layers of the atmosphere.

3. Explain the difference between the greenhouse effect and the ozone shield (include location, gases etc.)

4. Using examples explain the difference between a primary and secondary pollutant.

5. Explain how Photochemical smog is created the gases involved and the effects of it?

6. What is grey air smog what gases what gases are involved? Where is it likely to occur today?

7. What is the difference between natural, stationary and mobile sources of pollution?

8. What is acid deposition and what are the effects of it upon aquatic life, forest and humans

9. What is sick building syndrome? Outline some of the effects.

10. What makes indoor air pollution such a problem?

11. Four indoor air pollutants sources and effects

12. Four environmental problems faced by Urban areas

13. Diagram showing outdoor pollutants from source to when they reach the ground

14. Explain the process of global warming include the gases involved

15. The effects of global warming on (Agriculture, Water resources, Forests, Weather extremes, Human Poplulation Biodiversity and Sea Level and Coastal Change)