New And Precise SCI 207 Our Dependence Upon The Environment WK1-J

New And Precise SCI 207 Our Dependence Upon The Environment WK1-J


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Ecological Footprint Update and Course Reflections

[WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Welcome to SCI207! Throughout this course, you will be asked to keep a  journal about your experience in the class. The purpose of this  activity is to enable you to reflect on your learning: what new things  you have discovered, what surprises you have encountered, what topics or  ideas you have found particularly challenging, and how the course is  going for you. During the five weeks in which you are participating in  the Environmental Footprint Reduction Project, in Week 2 through Week 4  you will also use this journal as a space for a progress report on your  efforts. Your entries will be evaluated in terms of how well they met  the topic and length requirements, and your writing clarity.

Complete the following:

  • In the first paragraph or two of your first journal entry, please  reflect on your previous experiences, if any with environmental science  and environmental issues. What new things do you hope to learn in this  course? What concerns or fears do you have about this class? What  strategies to you plan to put in place to address them?
  • In another one or two paragraphs, share your thoughts about the  first week of class. What did you learn? What experiences stand out for  you? What tasks or content did you find difficult or frustrating? What  activities did you find surprising or exciting? Looking ahead, what are  your intrigued or concerned by in the second week of the course?
  • Finally, make a list of at least five lifestyle changes you plan to  commit to making for your course-long Ecological Footprint Reduction  Project.  Once you have recorded them in your journal, you should begin  taking those steps and keeping a weekly journal record of your efforts.  You will report on the results in a class discussion in Week 5.