Need short essay on Chapter 23 Humanities question

Select one topic from the list below and post a grammatically correct short response (minimum of 250 words) in your own words that fully addresses the question(s) asked.

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  1. In Figures 26.1 through 26.6 describe the features that are Rococo and explain why they belong to that style.
  2. What events are represented in David’s Oath of the Horatii? Why did the painting become a symbol of the French revolutionary spirit?
  3. To what extent was the style of eighteenth-century Neoclassical buildings faithful to their models? Compare some of these (Figures 26.15–26.18, 26.21, 26.29, 26.31) with the Neoclassical architecture of the Renaissance (Chapter 17). Which period represents a more sensitive appreciation of Greek and Roman architecture? Which is more accurate? Include specific details and examples in your response.
  4. Technically, “classical music” refers to a stylistic period typified by the music of Mozart and Haydn. Why do you suppose the expression has come to be an umbrella term encompassing all serious concert music from the Middle Ages to the present?
  5. What events inspired the neoclassical revival of the eighteenth century?