Need political science help to Edit “Kazakhstan-Israel Relations” research paper

I need to fix my research paper “30 pages” because my professor give me his feedback.

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He left comments in the paper, you can find it in blue color. Also, he has the following general comments:

– you will need to have a native English-speaker edit the final version for you.

– you need to use updated data and information for the paper since right now it mostly goes back to mid-2000s.

– many passages in the paper are repetitive. Please read it again and I am sure you’ll see it yourself.

– you need to be more specific, i.e., include more facts and data, since very often you use generic statements, repeating them throughout the paper.

– fix the references, make it in Chicago style. Also, make footnotes just write (Author, year) under the pages.

– Make sure the research paper is 30 pages long.

I will attach the research paper later.