Need marketing help with an Assignment about a chosen product

Please refer to the attached paper, as it will help you complete this assignment. It shows the company used. Please no plagiarism

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Using the same company you chose for your Week 2 assignment, choose a product or service the company offers on which to focus.

Identify the important attributes for your chosen product and select two key variables for your perceptual map.  Prepare a perceptual map for your chosen product/brand and using a minimum of seven competitors, rank each product/brand on the two variables based on how they are positioned in the consumers’ minds. 

Explain why you placed each competitor on its particular spot on the map, and how you might strengthen your chosen product/brand’s position in the minds of the target market. 

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with notes including the following:

  • Summary slide
  • Target market (be specific and address all four segmentation variables – demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral)
  • Perceptual map
  • Map placement explanations
  • Your PPT MUST contain discssion/speaker notes. Include citaions, where needed.
  • A minimum of three references must be listed (in APA format) on a slide at the end of your presentation.