Need help with English 317 Reflection on Stereotypes across the Globe

PLEASE READ “Growing Up American: Doing the Right Thing,” BY OJEDA BEFORE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS

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This week’s readings make clear that racial discrimination not only affects the global population, but to some very real extent, our everyday lives. If we think of our own lives as a microcosm of a larger, global view of the discrimination, we sometimes forget to acknowledge where we see stereotypes being used.  Think about your everyday lives: What do you see on television? What do you hear on the radio? What types of behaviors do you observe at the grocery store, at your job/school, and/or in your community?

In your post, discuss how one of this week’s readings gives you a better understanding of a specific culture and/or region and compare that reading to an example from your own life.  For example, in “Growing Up American: Doing the Right Thing,” the “right thing” is continuing to be a vigilant parent from a Filipino perspective. The degree of control in regards to what “vigilance” means is the core of both the miscommunication and misunderstanding between the narrator and the American woman at the end of the story. Does Ojeda’s explanation of how and why she holds her beliefs help you, as a reader, understand that these differences are simply viewpoints, rather than positions of inferiority and superiority? How do you see these viewpoints playing out in your own life?  Feel free to use Ojeda’s text or any other from this week’s readings in your discussion.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length