legislative body on past conviction DNA testing, law homework help

You have been asked to write a presentation for your local legislative body on postconviction DNA testing. Prisoners and various civil rights groups have lobbied for prisoners to have access to DNA testing to prove their innocence. Some states have been supportive of this trend, and others have not. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that a prisoner does not have a right to a DNA test. Should prisoners have a right to DNA testing after they have been convicted?

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  • Research DNA testing with regard to corrections and prisoners’ rights.
    • According to the U.S. Supreme court, prisoners do not have the right to DNA testing. Do you believe that this is the right decision?
    • If you disagree with the Court, then what do you think about the necessary resources to accommodate prisoners with their DNA testing requests? Think about costs, manpower, time, and so forth.
    • If you agree with the Court, then what do you think about the inmates who are innocent and their wrongful convictions?
    • If a prisoner DNA test proves that a prisoner has been wrongfully convicted, then should the prisoner be compensated?
      • To what extent do you feel it is necessary to compensate wrongfully convicted prisoners?
I need this assignment done in APA style, 4 paragraphs and  2 to 4 references.