Lab Question

Nasogastric Tube Insertion and suctioning Validation Preparation: 

–  Watch the skill:

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Answer the following questions:


o  What items do you need to complete this skill?


o  What position should the patient be in to complete this skill? Why?


o  What should you do if the patient coughs or gags?


o  How do you verify that the NG tube is in the stomach? List 2 different methods.


o  Also watch:

Answer the following questions:


o  What patient symptom(s) indicates that the nurse should suction?


o  What equipment should the nurse gather?


o  What should the nurse set the suction to when preparing to suction the tracheostomy?


o  How long should the nurse suction on each pass?


o  How does the nurse prepare the patient for trach suctioning?