Introduction to Political Science – Discussion Week 1

Political Gamesmanship

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From reading the paper, watching TV, browsing the Web, or interacting with friends, family or co-workers, identify a real life example of the types of “games” which are referred to in our text. What type of game does your example represent? Why?

Note: Roughly 200 words and does NOT need APA formatting. 


Example 1: (Prof Post)

Political gamesmanship is played every day in our domestic political world. From local municipal politics right up to Congress, The White House and even the Supreme Court. At it’s best, our politics is based on compromise. Where both sides can debate an issue then come to an agreement that offers either side some of what they were asking.

Recently, the White House and Congress are divided along party lines and have not been able to accomplish much since President Obama took office. There seems to be no room for compomise.The gamesmanship has gone public in some cases and turned harsh and bitter.

A good example is a recent interview in The Guardian where  Attorney General Eric Holder stated that he and President Obama are treated differently because they are black. That the extreme criticism is based on ‘racial animosity’. The Attorney General mentioned the impeachment calls for himself and the President and recent restritive voter ID laws. Both sides claim this is the worst type of political gamesmanship.

What do you think? From watching TV or talking with family or friends, can you think of some real life games like those described in our text?  Can you think of any other types of games politicians might be playing?


Retrived (August, 2014).

Example 2: (Student Post)

Although this incident happened a couple years ago, it seems to continue to happen or come close to happening again. Towards the end of 2013, Congress needed to agree on a new spending budget for the 2014 spending year. Neither the House nor the Senate could come to any form of an agreement, pushing America to have a governmental shutdown. The government shutdown would mean no paychecks for the military. Many military families typically live paycheck to paycheck, and have little to no savings.One of the main reasons for Congress not to agree on a new spending budget was due to the Affordable Care Act, which even though the government would shut down, it still would continue to move forward (Kaplan, 2013). Late Monday night, the President, however, did pass a bill ensuring the military would still receive their paychecks. The government shutdown affected several federal employees by not allowing them to return to work on Tuesday morning, and many Americans feared, what this might mean for the future of America. Eventually, Congress would come to an agreement on the new spending budget and the government shutdown would finally come to an end.


Kaplan, R. (2013). Government shutdown begins: Congress fails to agree on spending bill.

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