Introduction to anthropology “culture and identity’

our last tonie (see syilabusi cutture and identity,” cometete fallowing: head Chapter ia in otop, mtow to oenns eultural identity on yourself now and consider the followina How do you think yourself ethnically? African American, American, Irish AmeriEani Caueastan, tiacki Hispanic, Asian, ete ete, what is the American at How do you relate te this culture? Diop fotuses on three factors, the historical the linguistic, and the psychological, How do you relate these factors? In short, WHO are you? What is your identity as think you of yourself? You can even co the of natural phenomena nee ane of v wide vou dass asked arious factors? ount for helped shape the antti and your comm have a community? What a religious write about YOU in a cultural and historical context, intuitinw certainties, questions, condusions 

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