Gender, Race, Color and Colonialism, assignment help

Assignment 5

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1) Read the chapter 1 of Conquest and skim chapter 7. Summarize the argument. 1 page

Be sure to include: a. How is gender violence being linked to colonization?

b. What is the chapter’s implicit critique of white-dominated anti-violence organizations and the male-dominated Native rights organizations?

c. How does this critique impact what should be the strategies for ending violence?

2) Read Harper article ½ page What does Harper mean when he says violence against Indigenous women is not a sociological problem?

How are these positions different from that espoused in Conquest? With whom do you agree and why?

3) Read the two NoDAPL articles. ½ page

Offer your analysis about the significance or lack thereof of this struggle based on your reflections from these readings.

3) Give an example in popular culture that relies on stereotypes of Native peoples. What are the assumptions about Native peoples behind this stereotype. ½ page