Food Geography Assignment

For this assignment, research the following:

  1. Lutefisk
  2. Bierocks
  3. Scrapple
  4. One of      your own choice from Appendix A (Foods) of the “Food Geography survey”      document posted on Blackboard.
  5. One of      your own choice from Appendix A (Restaurants) of the “Food Geography      survey” document posted on Blackboard.


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  • Your      assignment must have a cover page      with: your full name, course name & section, name of assignment, my      name, and date that you submit the assignment.
  • The body of your paper should be in      paragraph form (not list form). Each food (1-4) should be separated into its own paragraph with a      sub-heading, for example: Lutefisk. Each food paragraph should be at least 100 words in length      (you will have 4 of these 100-word paragraphs). Your chosen restaurant (5) should also      be separated into its own paragraph with sub-heading, however, it only      needs to be a minimum of 75 words.
  • For      each of your 4 foods provide a      picture of the food or dish. I      recommend using Google Images for this: You must provide the full web address      from which you get your picture in your works cited page.
  • You      must also have a works cited      page. You must list all of the      sources that you use in your paper on the works cited page. You must put the information from      this sources in your own words. Using an author’s writing word-for-word or failing to list a      source is a violation of the college code on plagiarism. See the detailed guidelines and      instructions for sources and the works cited page below.

Information to be included in the body of your assignment (paragraphs 1-4):

  • What       is the food?
  • What       is the geographic and cultural origin of the food?
  • What       are the methods of diffusion into the United States?
  • Where       in the United States is this food most likely found today?

Information to be included in the body of your assignment (paragraph 5):

  • What       type of food does this restaurant serve?
  • Where       did the restaurant originate?
  • In       what areas of the United States are these restaurants found today? Most restaurants provide a list of       locations on their official websites.

Sources and Works Cited:

  • If you      do a web search, Wikipedia will undoubtedly be one of your first      “hits.” Wikipedia is not a      reputable resource because, like any Wiki, anyone can edit it (and provide      false information). Most Wikipedia      pages do provide a list of references near the bottom with links to the      primary sources, so you may use those as sources if you wish.
  • If you      need to know how to do your works      cited page, use this link for reference. It provides examples for      books, academic journal articles, newspapers, and websites: If you are more comfortable using another      style like APA or MLA feel free to use that.

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation:

  • As      with all assignments for this class, make sure that you use standard rules      of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Excessive errors (more than 2) will result in lost points.