Essay: African Diaspora, history homework help

The essay must talk about any topic about African Diaspora Experience. 
[ I prefer writing about African Diaspora in the middle east (black people in the middle east) ]

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  •  7 page essays including bibliographical essay.
  • Use less than five sources such as primary and secondary (only books, scholarly journal articles, or ebooks. No internet sources). 
  •  Author name and page number must be included in the citation. 
  • Essay should have a clear introduction and thesis states what the essay will be about and why the research is significant. 
  • The research should reveal new information and not repeat what other writers have said about that topic. 
  • Essay should have a clear conclusion that indicates the main finding of the research. 
  • The last page should be the bibliography. 
  • Name of authors in the bibliography should be written in alphabetical order. 
  • Use only footnotes. No MLA or APA citation styles.