Erik Erikson stages, Infancy Trust vs. mistrust Infants , presentation help

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Infancy   Trust vs. mistrust   Infants must form loving relationship with caregiver or they will develop mistrust.

Toddler   Autonomy vs. shame and doubt   The child learns to do things for themselves like walk, talk, etc.  If the child does not, he/she will feel shame and doubt.

Pre-schooler   Initiative vs. guilt   Pre-schoolers get an idea and follow through with it.  If a child is punished too forcefully or made to feel that she was “bad” when she followed through on an idea, then the child will feel guilt about trying to do anything.

School –aged Industry vs. inferiority   Must feel that they are good at something or will feel like a failure and develop a sense of inferiority.

Adolescent   Identity vs. role confusion   Adolescents have to discover their own identity or they will always follow the crowd.

Young adult   Intimacy vs. isolation Young adults are able to open themselves up to others or suffer feelings of isolation.

Middle adult   Generativity vs. stagnation   Middle adults need to be open to new ideas of young generation or they will be stuck in the “good old days”.

Senior adults   Ego identity vs. despair   Senior adults feel ok about life and accomplishment or they complain and find no happiness in later years.


Create a power-point for each of Erickson’s stages and give the good points of the stage, the bad points of the stage and interesting things about the stage.  For the ones you have been through reflect on your own development or ask parents and siblings about your experience. For the ones that you have not been through yet, find someone in that stage and ask them what is good, bad and interesting about being where they are in development.  Use pictures and illustrations.

Rubric for Assignment 4-2

Correct explanation of each stage with good, bad and interesting points of the stage 8 points (2 pts for each stage)
Overall effort 4 points