English Composition 1010 Revising sentences

Comparison/Contrast by its very nature calls for balance; writing sentences that utilize effective sentence combining using coordination and subordination is an ideal way to help create balance and how relationships between ideas.  In addition, creating sentences that are parallel also helps effective balance and style.  (Use strong revision skills to develop effective, specific, and thoughtful sentences.)On your own sheet of paper, revise each of the following sentences to create parallel structure using
coordinating conjunctions.
1. Mr. Holloway enjoys reading and to play his guitar at weekends.
2. The doctor told Mrs. Franklin that she should either eat less or should exercise more.
3. Breaking out of the prison compound, the escapees moved carefully, quietly, and were quick on their
4. I have read the book, but I have not watched the movie version.
5. Deal with a full inbox first thing in the morning, or by setting aside short periods of time in which to
answer e-mail queries.

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