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Option 1: Topic Starter

Click “Create Thread” in discussion board.

Read the discussion prompts carefully and provide a response to one of the questions. Be sure your response answers the entire prompt, in detail, and be sure that you have proofread carefully. Provide textual support.

You can submit one topic starter per discussion.

Option 2: Challenge

Read a classmate’s post, and click “Reply.”

Respectfully challenge a classmate’s response. Explain your disagreement in detail and provide textual support.


Option 3: Agree and Add New

Read a classmate’s post, and click “Reply.”

Agree with a classmate’s post. Explain why, in detail, and add new information or evidence. Provide textual support.


Eliot believes that women should both be educated and know that not all women play the same roles in life. She thinks that women shouldn’t just be entitled to be the stay at home wife who just takes care of the family and doesn’t really have a life of her own. Women are more then capable of thinking and becoming passionate for life itself. Women should be allowed to be categorized to the same standards as men, such as; their social and political standings. Eliot quotes a excerpt from Mary Wollstonecraft “Women might certainly study the art of healing, and be physicians as well as nurses…” She believes that women are capable of being great and powerful, women can be held to the same or higher standards then men.